5. Conclusion

For our conclusion, we decided to give you some recommendations on how to tackle this problem using our method


To all people facing these problems, we recommend that you should follow our methods consistently.
Teachers: Don’t try and stress out the students as they will find the school uncomfortable and would not want to participate actively in class. Remember to encourage them in their education and social life. You might also want to make your lessons interesting so that students will actively participated. Try to make sure that everyone not only will learn but will also find class enjoyable.
Students: If you want to strengthen your relationship with teachers, please show some respect to them and make sure that you are paying attention in class. We recommend that you should communicate with the teacher such as asking questions. In that way, you would find the teacher like your friend and you might even be encouraged to do well in your education for your teachers!

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Done by Group B, Bakery

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