4. Discussion

Discussion: After doing our research, we then planned and discuss on having surveys to express sst students’ opinions on our topic. We discussed a lot on the survey questions as we want it to be relevant and useful to our topic. We planned on having a mixture of multiple choice and short answer questions. We did not want lots of MCQs because we think that it does not benefit and give much use to our topic. Hence, most of the survey was sst students’ experience and opinions on student-teacher relationships. This was a good idea to all of us as we are able to show more methods and understandings of our topic. Here is an example of a question on what we have discuss for our survey…

> Why do you believe your class has a good/average/bad student-teacher relationship?
> Do you know any other factors of a good student-teacher relationship that can benefit you and your teacher?
> What do you think are the factors that lead to a good student-teacher relationship?

Do you think your class has a good student-teacher relationship?

Do you have good student-teacher relationship?

*PS: Some of our discussion can also be used as our results.

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