3. Results

So we have categorised on what are research will be all about which will be related to our research topic.

What is student-teacher relationships?
> Student-teacher relationships are about students and teachers communicating and working together.
> Examples: Bonding activities, teachers helping students academically and socially, students participating actively in the teacher’s activity as a class.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Student-teacher relationships
> Advantages: Students can enjoy learning in school with the strong help of the teachers, Students’ grades will be higher and their communication and self-esteem will increase rapidly over time.
> Advantages: Teachers will be encouraged to help the students in studies and social life, they will get use to mixing with people other that students, boost their self-esteem and confidence.
> Disadvantages: Students and teachers will be rude and mean to each other, no good comunication skills and students will find going to school a burden and more teacher will resign from their teaching jobs.

How to strengthen student-teacher relationships
> The school could organised more bonding activities between the teachers and students, eg.( group projects, mini competitions with teams mix with students and teachers)
> Encourage teachers to not lose their cool if students are not cooperating, they can make lessons more interesting and fun!
> Students should pay attention and participate actively in class.
> Organise simple lessons that involves communication and teamwork.

Survey among 15 students

According to the other students’ responses they think that to make a better student-teacher relationship…

Q: How do you think a student-
relationship can be enforced?
It is important that the school comes up with activities that involves both teachers and students
Having trust for each other
More time can be spent /bond together.

Good factors of having a good student-
they communicate about things other than homework
teacher actually jokes with the class during lessons.
The teacher and students must...

Bad factors of having a bad student-
caused by little or no
the teacher is being inflexible
or when the student is too arrogant.

Opinions of sst students
My class is noisy during class time that cause teachers to have a bad mood.”
“They do not really bond much and their attitude is not good.”
“They can joke around a lot very freely but we still have our lessons well.”

“Because we are generally friendly to them and do not insult or judge teachers.”
Depending on the teacher. Our class has a high level of informality with most teachers, with jokes and stories being endlessly traded. Also, we seldom have a cause or situation that results in a teacher becoming angry at as for any reasons.”

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