Tuesday, 2 July 2013

About Us

Our Group: Bakery (Our group is called Bakery as we are made up of four seasons and four seasons
                                 are a bakery in Singapore)

Group members: Marcus Lee (Project Manager), Brian Cheng (Multimedia Manager), Lewis Dobson
                            (Research Specialist),  Marcus Ang (Communications Manager)

Comments On Our Roles:

Marcus Lee: My role is to make sure that every one is participating in the project and they are serious
                     and willing to help out. I also need to give orders and instructions to them so that we are
                     organised on what to do for our project.

Brian Cheng: My role is to do all projects that is related to multimedia such as powerpoint slides and
                      videos. It is very important as it is one of major parts in a presentation.

Lewis Dobson: I need to do research for my role and I need to make sure all my notes are true and
                         accurate. It is also important as the research I am doing will be the content of the

Marcus Ang: I have to communicate with my friends as I have to organise meetings and plans after
                     school so that we can discuss on our project. I also need to remind them of what IRS
                     Homework needs to be done.

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